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In this page are listed the four dataset produced in the framework of the CryoSMOS project starting from SMOS data. Each products is intended for a specific "part" of Antarctica, namely the interior (1), the bottom (2), the ice-shelve (3), the coastal areas (4).

The User Data Manual describes the content of the products and their specifications, while the Products ATBD contains the description of the algorithms used to obtain each product.



User data manual

Products ATBD


1) Internal Ice-sheet Temperature maps

(ref. Giovanni Macelloni, g.macelloni at

2) Bedrock elevation map

(ref. Niels Skou, ns at

3) Status of the ice-shelve

(ref. Lars Kaleschke, lars.kaleschke at

4) Snow melting regions characterization (beginning of melting and number of melting days)

(ref. Ghislain Picard, ghislain.picard at