Welcome — our lab is made of two rooms crowded of instruments, tools for optics, micro-optics, electronics, chemistry, mechanics, and creative and smart people ;-)



· Fully equipped optical lab: holders and positioning units, manual and motorized xyzqf stages, also PC interfaced (Newport, Melles Griot, Microcontrole)

· Tools for handling, polishing and assembling all types of SM and MM optical fibers to all connectors, and microscopes for finishing check

· Optical fiber, guided-wave and micro-optic couplers, splitters, switches, beam-conditioners, etc.

· Chemical lab, fume hoods, electronic lab, technical services of design and mechanical workshop


· Nd:YAG laser, SM CW, mode-locked, Q-switched, 50W

· Nd:YAG laser, frequency doubled, CW, 200 mW

· Excimer laser (KrF and XeCl), 100 Hz, 200 mJ

· He-Ne lasers, red and green, 3mW

· UV, VIS, NIR diode lasers and LEDs at all commercially available wavelengths


· OTDR, Fresnel mode, Optoelectronics TDR30, mm resolution, MM optical fibers, 100 psec pulsed, 0-meter dead-zone, PC interfaced

· OTDR, Rayleigh mode, Photon Kinetics, MM fibers, 5-meter dead-zone, PC interfaced

· Optical fiber spectral attenuation unit, York S25, spectral range 800-1700 nm, PC interfaced

· Diode laser drivers, Seastar Optics LD2000, Melles Griot 06DLD103

· FFP demodulator, Micron Optics

· Digital correlator, Brookhaven BI9000AT, and photon counting unit

· Custom instruments for interrogating intensity-modulated optical fiber sensors


· Dual-beam spectrophotometer, Perkin– Elmer Lambda 19, spectral range 220-3200 nm, PC interfaced (spectroscopy lab)

· FTIR spectrophotometer, Nicolet 740, PC interfaced (spectroscopy lab)

· Spectrofluorimeter, Hitachi F4010, spectral range 190-900 nm, PC interfaced (spectroscopy lab)

· Miniaturized spectrometric boards, Ocean Optics, Zeiss, Cronin, Microparts

The laboratory and instruments