Elenco Progetti Internazionali

Sono elencati i progetti internazionali attivi nell'anno corrente:

Advanced Spectroscopic Hemogram for Personalized Care against Live Threatening Infections using an Integrated Chip-Assisted Bio-Photonic System (HEMOSPEC)Commissione Europea611682 HEMOSPEC
Advanced Ultraviolet Radiation and Ozone Retrieval for Applications (AURORA)Commissione Europea687428 AURORA
Connecting Science with Society (EU_POLARNET)Commissione EuropeaEU_POLARNET 652441
EPRISE - Empowering Photonics through Regional Innovation Strategies in EuropeCommissione EuropeaEPRISE - 732695
Integrated Platform for the European Research Infrastructure ON Cultural Heritage (IPERION-CH)Commissione EuropeaIPERION-CH 654028
Potential of spaceborne GNSS-R for land applicationsESA - Agenzia Spaziale EuropeaESA 4000120299/17/NL/GNSS_OVERLAND
Scientific Evaluation of mission concepts snow mass and other cryospheric parameters (SNOWMASS)ESA - European Space AgencyESTEC 4000118310/16/NL/FF/gp SNOWMASS
SnowSAR Campaign Data Analysis Study (SCADAS)ESA - European Space AgencyESTEC 4000118400/16/NL/FF/gp SCADAS
STEPHANIE - Space TEchnology with Photonics for market and societal challengesCommissione EuropeaPGI02406 STEPHANIE
Support to MIPAS Level 2 Product Validation - Phase F ESA - European Space AgencyESRIN 4000112093/14/I-LG MIPAS III
Technical Support for the Long-Term Deployment of an L-Band Radiometer at Concordia Station - DOMEX-3ESA - European Space AgencyESTEC 4000105872/12/NL/FF DOMEX-3
The Revolutionary Design of Spacecraft Through Holistic Integration of Future Tecnologies (REDSHIFT)Commissione Europea687500 REDSHIFT

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