Elenco Progetti Internazionali

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Sono elencati i progetti internazionali attivi nell'anno corrente:

Advanced Ultraviolet Radiation and Ozone Retrieval for Applications (AURORA)Commissione Europea687428 AURORA
Connecting Science with Society (EU POLARNET)Commissione EuropeaEU POLARNET 652441
DESWEAT - Development of cost effective wearable metal nanowire-based chip sensor for optical monitoring of metabolites in sweatMAECI_Progetti congiunti ITALIA-COREA DEL SUDDESWEAT_MAECI_KR19GR08
Development of non destructive methods for the assessment of the maturity of table grape and kiwifruit (SMARTGRAPE)American Farm SchoolSMARTGRAPE
Empowering Photonics through Regional Innovation Strategies in Europe (EPRISE)Commissione EuropeaEPRISE - 732695
Eurofusion - Design and procurement of the edge Thomson Scattering diagnostic for JT-60SAEurofusionEurofusion CfP-IPH-AWP19-SA-01
FIRMOS - Technical Assistance for a Far-Infrared Radiation Mobile Observation System (EE9 FORUM)ESA/INO-CNRESA 4000123691/18/NL/LF FIRMOS
FORUM - Consolidation of requirements and reference scenarios (FORUMreq)European Space Agency (ESA)/INOESTEC 4000124083/18/NL FORUMreq
FORUM-E2E - End to End (E2E) Simulator for FORUM – Earth Explorer 9 Fast-Track Candidate MissionESA - DEIMOSFORUM-E2E
INDEX - “INDEX - Industrial Expert”Commissione EuropeaINDEX_2018-1-DE02-KA202-005228_ERASMUS +
Innovative geophysical logging tools for mineral exploration (InnoLOG)Knowledge and Innovation Community EIT RawMaterialsPA 16350 InnoLOG - EIT Raw Materials
Integrated Platform for the European Research Infrastructure ON Cultural Heritage (IPERION-CH)Commissione EuropeaIPERION-CH 654028
L-Band SAR Applications and Requirements Consolidation Study (LSAR)ESA/IREAESTEC 4000121573/17/NL/CT LSAR
Laser Assisted RObotic Surgery of the anterior Eye Segment (LA-ROSES)Commissione EuropeaLA-ROSES - ECHORD ++
METEOSAT Third Generation Lightning Imager Level 1B Radiometric Processing Algorithms and Support to In-Flight Calibration EngineeringESA - European Space Agency/Thales France/Selex ESESA 4000111275 LIGHTNING IMAGER
On Chip Whispering Gallery Mode Optical Microcavities for Emerging Microcontaminant Determination in Waters (SAFE WATER)Regione ToscanaSAFE WATER
Optimizing Water Management for Cultivated Lands through Remote Sensing Analyses and Climate Change Scenarios (OPTIMED-WATER)ERANET - MIUROPTIMED-WATER
Portable Instant Mineral Analysis Systems (PIMAS)Knowledge and Innovation Community EIT RawMaterialsPIMAS - EIT Raw Materials PA 16393
Space TEchnology with Photonics for market and societal challenges (STEPHANIE)Commissione EuropeaPGI02406 STEPHANIE
Support to MIPAS Level 2 Product Validation - Phase FESA - European Space AgencyESRIN 4000112093/14/I-LG MIPAS III
Surface-enhanced Raman scattering with nanophotonic and biomedical amplifying systems for an early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease pathology (SPEEDY)ERANET - MIURSPEEDY
Technical Support for the Long-Term Deployment of an L-Band Radiometer at Concordia Station - DOMEX-3ESA - European Space AgencyESTEC 4000105872/12/NL/FF DOMEX-3
The Revolutionary Design of Spacecraft Through Holistic Integration of Future Tecnologies (REDSHIFT)Commissione Europea687500 REDSHIFT
Trans-making – Art / culture / economy to democratize society. Research in placemaking for alternative narrativesCommisione Europea734855 TRANS-MAKING

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