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The Michelson Interferometer for Passive Atmospheric Sounding (MIPAS) is an high resolution Fourier Transform Spectrometer developed by ESA for the detection of limb emission spectra in the upper atmosphere. It is a powerful tool to measure vertical profiles of trace species on a global scale. MIPAS has been successfully launched on board Envisat-1, on 1st March 2002.  
While operational data processing by ESA covers only analysis of pressure, temperature, and the mixing ratios of the species O3, H2O, HNO3, CH4, N2O and NO2, MIPAS infrared spectral limb emission measurements contain information on a bulk of further species relevant to environmental problems. 
The goal of AMIL2DA is to generate data analysis tools for these supplemental species along with thorough validation of these algorithms. The scientific groups participating to the AMIL2DA project use their own retrieval codes to analyse the spectra of these supplemental species and also of the operational species with algorithms of higher sophistication. 
In order to guarantee consistent and reliable data sets, which will be used by the scientific community, an intercomparison and characterization of the different algorithms and data sets are performed. AMIL2DA aims at a reasonable standardization of data products without sacrificing the diversity of data analysis strategies used by the different European groups. These activities will approve the acceptance of MIPAS data by the scientific community and will help to better exploit MIPAS data for purposes of atmospheric science. 

AMIL2DA's official Web page: http://www-imk.fzk.de/asf/sat/ClosedProjects/amil2da



Key differences between the IROE-R processor and the IROE processor improved in the frame of the AMIL2DA study

Processor IROE-R review

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