Institute for Applied Physics "Nello Carrara"
Italian National Research Council
Department of Earth Observation
Inversion Problems and Data Assimilation
Information on maps

  • availability
  • species
  • heights
  • map types
  • color scales
  • credits

  • Notes on availability

    Last three months maps are available. Selectable dates are the ones for which data are released but, in some circumstances not all species are available.

    Notes on species

    MIPAS target species: H2O, O3, HNO3, CH4 and N2O

    Notes on heights
    • H2O, O3 and CH4     15 - 52 km
    • HNO3                          15 - 39 km
    • N2O                             15 - 42 km
    Notes on map types

    Northern emisphere and southern emisphere maps use orthographic projection.
    World maps use Hammer projection.

    Notes on geographical coverage

    Each map is obtained using three consecutive days data (i.e. September 12 map uses data of September 10, 11 and 12 ), this is due to MIPAS global coverage of the Earth in 3 days.

    Notes on color scales

    Color scales are based on climatogic variation and customized by species and heights

    • Grey means no data
    • White means the value exceeds the scale maximum
    • Black means the value is below the scale minimum

    MIPAS level 2 data are provided by ESA ENVISAT Ground Segment.

    Maps are created thanks to the following softwares:

    • The Basic ERS & Envisat Atmospheric Toolbox (BEAT)
    • Octave
    • The Generic Mapping Tools (GMT)

    The software for map generation has been developed by Claudio Belotti