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MIPAS tenth anniversary

The European Space Agency (ESA), Istituto di Fisica Applicata del CNR (IFAC-CNR) and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) are organizing a workshop to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the MIPAS experiment on the Envisat satellite.

Envisat is the largest Earth Observation spacecraft ever built. It carries ten sophisticated optical and radar instruments to provide continuous observation and monitoring of the Earth's land, atmosphere, oceans and ice caps. Envisat data provide information on the Earth system and insights into processes contributing to its changes.

MIPAS (Michelson Interferometer for Passive Atmospheric Sounding) is a Fourier transform spectrometer for the measurement of atmospheric emission spectra at the Earth's limb. It operates with high spectral resolution in the mid infrared where many of the trace-gases, playing a major role in atmospheric chemistry, have important emission features. MIPAS data provide continuous information on the chemistry of the Earth's atmosphere with detailed three dimensional sampling and comprehensive coverage of the main species.

Envisat was launched in 2002 and its operation was planned to last for five years. After ten years the satellite and its ten instruments are still working. The success of Envisat in general, and the achievements of the MIPAS instrument, in particular, will be celebrated in a workshop attended by those who have contributed over the years to the MIPAS instrument. Among others, this includes members of the various working groups (SAG, ESL, QWG), the ESA engineers and representatives of the industries involved.

Taking the opportunity provided by the next QWG meeting, the workshop will be held at the “Area di Ricerca CNR di Firenze” via Madonna del Piano, 10 — 50019 Sesto Fiorentino (Firenze), room “Giuliano Toraldo di Francia” Building F, on the afternoon of Wednesday 29th February.

The workshop will start at 14:30 with presentations by key people involved in the development and exploitation of MIPAS. Chris Readings (Earth Observation Division Head at ESA at the time when Envisat was devised) will recall the mission conception and development phases, Henri Laur (Envisat Mission Manager) will present the Envisat mission from its launch and its main results, Herbert Fischer (main scientist for the development and operation of a whole family of MIPAS experiments) will outline the scientific findings that have been made with MIPAS, Bruno Carli (coordinator of MIPAS ESL and QWG) will report on the technical achievements of MIPAS and will be the host of the workshop. After a coffee break short presentations will be made by those invited to talk. An open discussion will follow. The workshop will end at 18:30.

Results of the workshop

The workshop has seen the participation of about 60 persons and was an important opportunity for reviewing both the genesis and the achievements of the Envisat project in general and of MIPAS in particular.

The speakers of the workshop are herewith listed, in order of appearance, and for each a link is provided for the download, whenever available, of either the presentation or the voice recording. A link is also provided for access to a picture gallery where a few selected images of the event can be viewed.

Download presentations
Bruno Carli IFAC-CNR Slides | Speech (ogg vorbis) (mp3)
Christopher Readings ESA ESTEC Slides | Speech (ogg vorbis) (mp3)
Henri Laur ESA ESRIN Slides | Speech (ogg vorbis) (mp3)
Herbert Fisher IMK KIT Slides | Speech (ogg vorbis) (mp3)
Mike Rast ESA ESRIN [missing authorization] Slides | Speech (ogg vorbis) (mp3)
Gessner Roland ASTRIUM [missing authorization] Slides | Speech (ogg vorbis) (mp3)
Demetrio Labate SELEX GALILEO Slides | Speech (ogg vorbis) (mp3)
Herman Oelhaf IMK KIT Slides | Speech (ogg vorbis) (mp3)
Tom McElroy Univ. York (Canada) Speech (ogg vorbis) (mp3)
Thomas von Clarmann IMK KIT Slides | Speech (ogg vorbis) (mp3)
Manuel Lopez-Puertas IAA Slides | Speech (ogg vorbis) (mp3)
Harjinder Sembhi Univ. Leicester Slides | Speech (ogg vorbis) (mp3)
Bianca Maria Dinelli ISAC CNR Slides | Speech (ogg vorbis) (mp3)
Johannes Orphal IMK KIT Speech (ogg vorbis) (mp3)