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Disseminating information on glasses designed and synthesized for application in the field of optics and photonics is part of the mission of TC20, one of the 28 Technical Committees of the International Commission on Glass (ICG). The purpose of a virtual collection of scientific papers (the present volume being only the first one) is to make easily accessible a set of publications which might not be available to the average reader otherwise.

This collection aims to be a store of knowledge on the special glasses that are fundamental for the development of many photonic devices, from optical fibers to integrated optical circuits, to lasers, optical amplifiers, white and colored light sources, scintillators, optical sensors, and so on. Fundamental physical and chemical properties, as well as advanced characterization techniques, are also treated in some of these papers.

The present volume includes some 20 papers, that represent a very small fraction of the very many articles and reviews published in international peer-reviewed journals by the academic and industrial researchers who are or have been members of TC20. Only papers published in Open Access format were selected, to avoid any problem related to a possible infringement of copyright. Moreover, in order to provide the reader an updated overview of this sector, the choice was limited to papers published from 2015 to 2018.

For sake of simplicity and as an aid to the reader, these papers are grouped in 6 sections, listed in alphabetical order, even if several of them could not be classified under a single label; as an example, an article focused on photoluminescence properties of a glass often contains useful information on the glass synthesis, too.

It is hoped that this collection could constitute a useful tool for the scientists in the field and at the same time an introduction for the newcomers to the outstanding properties of glass materials and of their applications in the area of optic and photonics.

The support by the ICG Coordinating Technical Committee (CTC) and the full collaboration of all the members of TC20 are gratefully acknowledged.

Giancarlo  C. Righini

TC20 chair


TC20 Members  (December 2018)

Adam, Jean-Luc                            France

Balda, Rolindes [Secretary]          Spain

Ballato, John                                 USA

Choi, Yong Gyu                             Korea

Dorosz, Dominik                            Poland

Falcony, Ciro                                 Mexico

Ferrari, Maurizio                            Italy

Hewak, Daniel                               UK

Jha, Animesh                                UK

Jiang, Shibin [Vice Chair]              USA

Jiang, Xin                                      Germany

Kondo, Yuki                                   Japan

Nalin, Marcelo                               Brasil

Ohishi, Yasutake                           Japan

Petit, Laeticia                                Finland

Richards, Bryce                            Germany

Richardson, Kathleen                   USA

Righini, Giancarlo [Chair]             Italy

Taccheo, Stefano                         UK

Tanabe, Setsuhisa                       Japan

Zhang, Long                                China

Zhang, X-H.                                 France


(The Sections are in alphabetical order. The names of TC20 members are in bold.)

1 - Glass Ceramics

Gorni, G.; Balda, R.; Fernández, J.; Velázquez, J. J.; Pascual, L.; Mosa, J.; Durán, A.; Castro, Y. 80SiO2-20LaF3 oxyfluoride glass ceramic coatings doped with Nd3+ for optical applications. Int J Appl Glass Sci. 2018, 9, 208.   DOI: 10.1111/ijag.12338

Lukowiak, A.; Zur, L.; Tran, T. N. L.; Meneghetti, M.; Berneschi, S.; Nunzi Conti, G.; Pelli, S.; Trono, C.; Bhaktha, B. N. S.; Zonta, D.; Taccheo, S.; Righini G. C.; Ferrari, M. Sol–Gel-Derived Glass-Ceramic Photorefractive Films for Photonic Structures. Crystals 2017, 7, 61; doi:10.3390/cryst7020061

Pascual, M. J.; Garrido, C.; Durán, A.; Miguel, A.; Pascual, L.; de Pablos-Martín, A.; Fernández J.; Balda, R. Optical Properties of Transparent Glass–Ceramics Containing Er3+-Doped Sodium Lutetium Fluoride Nanocrystals. Int. J. Appl. Glass Science 2016, 7, 27. DOI:10.1111/ijag.12177

Tran, L. T. N.; Massella, D.; Zur, L.;  Chiasera, A.; Varas, S.; Armellini, C.; Righini, G. C.; Lukowiak, A.; Zonta, D.; Ferrari, M. SiO2-SnO2:Er3+ Glass-Ceramic Monoliths. Appl. Sci. 2018, 8, 1335; DOI: 10.3390/app8081335

2 - Glass Devices and Applications

Farnesi, D.; Chiavaioli, F.; Baldini, F.; Righini, G. C.; Soria, S.; Trono, C.; and Nunzi Conti, G. Quasi-distributed and wavelength selective addressing of optical micro-resonators based on long period fiber gratings. Optics Express 2015, 23, 21175.

Righini, G.C.; Soria, S. Biosensing by WGM Microspherical Resonators. Sensors 201616, 905.

Righini, G.C. Glassy Microspheres for Energy Applications. Micromachines 20189, 379.

3 - Glasses for Optical Fibers

Ballato, J.; Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H.; Zhao, J.; Petit, L.; Troles, J. Glass and Process Development for the Next Generation of Optical Fibers: A Review. Fibers 20175, 11.

Ballato, J.; Cavillon, M.; Dragic, P. A unified materials approach to mitigating optical nonlinearities in optical fiber. I. Thermodynamics of optical scattering. Int. J. Appl. Glass Science 2018, 9, 263.   

Dragic, P. D.; Cavillon, M.; Ballato, A.; Ballato, J. A unified materials approach to mitigating optical nonlinearities in optical fiber. II. A. Material additivity models and basic glass properties. Int. J. Appl. Glass Science 2018, 9, 278.

Dragic, P. D.; Cavillon, M.; Ballato, A.; Ballato, J.  A unified materials approach to mitigating optical nonlinearities in optical fiber II. B. The optical fiber, material additivity and the nonlinear coefficients. Int. J. Appl. Glass Science 2018, 9, 307.

Cavillon, M.; Kucera, C.; Hawkins, T.; Dawson, J.; Ballato, A.; Dragic, P. D.; Ballato, J.  A unified materials approach to mitigating optical nonlinearities in optical fiber III. Canonical examples and materials road map. Int. J. Appl. Glass Science 2018, 9, 447.

4 - Infrared Glasses

Lee, J. H.; Choi, J. H.; Han Yi, J. H.; Lee, W. H.; Lee, E. S.; Choi, Y. G. Unravelling interrelations between chemical composition and refractive index dispersion of infrared-transmitting chalcogenide glasses. Sci. Reports 2018, 8, 15842. DOI:10.1038/s41598-018-33824-x

5.               5 - Photoluminescence Properties

Albalawi, A.; Varas, S.; Chiasera, A.; Gebavi, H.; Albalawi, W.; Blanc, W.; Balda, R.; Lukowiak, A.; Ferrari, M.; Taccheo, S. Determination of reverse cross-relaxation process constant in Tm-doped glass by 3H4 fluorescence decay tail fitting. Opt. Mat. Exp. 2017, 7, 3760. DOI:   10.1364/OME.7.003760

Ojha, N.; Tuomisto, M.; Lastusaari, M. and Petit, L. Upconversion from fluorophosphate glasses prepared with NaYF4:Er3+,Yb3+ nanocrystals. RSC Adv., 2018, 8, 19226

Poudel, A.; Dmitrieva, I.; Gumenyuk, R.; Mihai, L.; Sporea, D.; Mureşan, O.; Rusen, I.; Hakkarainen, T.; Boetti, N.G.; Niemi, T.; Petit, L. Effect of ZnO Addition and of Alpha Particle Irradiation on Various Properties of Er3+, Yb3+ Doped Phosphate Glasses. Appl. Sci. 2017, 7, 1094.

Xu, J.; Murata, D.; Ueda, J. and Tanabe, S. Near-Infrared Long Persistent Luminescence of Er3+ in Garnet for the Third Bio-Imaging Window. J. Mater. Chem. C. 2016, 4, 11096. DOI: 10.1039/C6TC04027F

Xu, J.; Tanabe, S. Persistent luminescence instead of phosphorescence: History, mechanism, and perspective. J. Luminescence 2019, 205, 581.  DOI:  10.1016/j.jlumin.2018.09.047

6.            6 - Synthesis Methods

Falcony, C.; Aguilar-Frutis, M. A. and García-Hipólito, M.  Spray Pyrolysis Technique; High-K Dielectric Films and Luminescent Materials: A Review. Micromachines 2018, 9, 414. doi:10.3390/mi9080414

Gorni, G.; Velázquez, J. J.; Mosa, J.; Balda, R.; Fernández, J.; Durán, A.; Castro, Y. Transparent Glass-Ceramics Produced by Sol-Gel: A Suitable Alternative for Photonic Materials. Materials 2018, 11, 212.  DOI: 10.3390/ma1102021

Orives, J. R.; Viali, W. R.; Magnani, M.; Nalin, M. Incorporation of CdFe2O4-SiO2 nanoparticles in SbPO4-ZnO-PbO glasses by melt-quenching process. Eclética Química J. 2018, 43, 32.


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