Possessing the capacity to carry out a specific and systematic monitoring, thus enabling timely and targeted interventions, is a common problem in priority areas such as health, the environment, the cultural heritage, and the agri-food industry.

In these areas, optoelectronic technologies offer great potential, both in the development of specific sensors and in the investigation of new fields of application.

instrument and laptop. TITLEIMGLIGHTBOX
chip illumination. TITLEIMGLIGHTBOX
Diagnostic device based on a biochip for simultaneous detection of proteins, procalcitonin, neopterin and interleukin.
Fliorescence LIDAR in a measurement campaign on state of conservation of Coliseum.

Our research activities, which are related to this context, are addressed to the study of methods and measurement techniques based on optoelectronic devices, the application of these to the above-mentioned priority areas, and their technological transfer to public institutions and industries.

The commitment involved in several national and European research projects has enabled us to design and develop sensors for in situ or remote measurements of chemical-physical and biomedical parameters. These have been successfully applied in different fields, ranging from the development of fiber-optic and micro-optical sensors for quality and safety monitoring in the agri-food sector (FIRB MIUR, FIRB BIOSENS, EC NoE NEMO Projects) to the development of microchips based on nanotechnologies for bio-photonics (EC Projects CLINICIP and CAREMAN) and to the development of LIDAR sensors for the monitoring of the environment and the cultural heritage (ESA projects, FIRB SAIA, technology transfer actions).


oil classification. TITLEIMGLIGHTBOX Various types of alimentary and lubricant oils classified by optical microsensors.
othe image of oil classification. TITLEIMGLIGHTBOX


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