The Institute of applied physics “Nello Carrara” (Cnr-Ifac) organizes a one-day training course as part of the European photonics innovation hub “Photon Hub Europe“.

PhotonHub Europe acts as a one-stop-shop matchmaker between European SMEs and the existing European ecosystem of photonics training providers. In this regard PhotonHub provides a unique service by collating the broad training offerings in photonics from RTO’s, training centres and industry across Europe into a single online catalogue of the European Photonics Innovation Academy.

The one-day hands-on training course aims to provide industrial partners, as well as students and young researchers, a training about guiding devices, waveguides and fibres, and related fabrication and characterisation technologies.

The course, after a short introduction about the principles of light propagation in the structures object of the course, will focus on the following main topics:
1) Ion-exchange as a technology for the fabrication of planar waveguides in glasses
2) Coupling of light to guiding structures
3) Characterization of slab and channel waveguide structures (optical constants, propagation and coupling losses, near field, optical gain)
4) Fabrication and characterization techniques of optical fibre gratings
5) Physical parameters sensing techniques (Fibre bragg gratings)
6) Biochemical parameters sensing techniques (Long period gratings + microfluidics).

The course is targeted to persons interested in gaining the capability of performing the main characterisations needed to test guiding structures.

The expected outcomes of the course will be:
1) Acquiring the key principles of light guiding in optical devices and of fibre gratings
2) Experiencing a key technology for waveguide fabrication (hands-on activity)
3) Gaining the capability of performing the most essential characterizations of planar (slab and channel) waveguides  (hands-on activity)
4) Acquiring the key principles of fiber gratings design and production (hands-on activity)
5) See and realize exemplative applications of fiber gratings for sensing (hands-on activity).

Course Schedule: 20/06/2024

For detailed information:
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Course Directors: Cosimo Trono, Stefano Pelli,