Progetti Nazionali

Sono elencati i Progetti Nazionali attivi nel: 2024

Accurate surface measurements of different parameters at the InteRface between the atmosphere and ice/snow surface: radiation FLuxes, surface temperatures and precipatiOn at the plateau station Concordia (AIR-FLOCCnrFrancesco Montomoli
Active Resonant Tunable Dielectric Microstructures for Ultrafast PhotonicsConsiglio Nazionale Delle RicercheSilvia Soria
Advanced Lung Phantom based on Hierarchical mAterials for multimodal theranostics (ALPHA)MurFulvio Ratto
Attività scientifiche per la Missione HERA (HERA)Asi - Subco Unibo Ciri-aeroAlessandro Rossi
Biochips for Emerging Micro-Contaminants (BIOEMC)MurAmbra Giannetti
Bronze encounters context: archaeological and physical understanding of pre-Roman bronze statues excavated at San Casciano dei Bagni (Siena) (BECAUSE)MurDaniele Ciofini
Casa delle Tecnologie Emergenti di Matera (CTEMT)Mise/comune Di MateraValentina Colcelli
CASIA - CAIRT: Analisi e Sinergia con IASI-NG (CASIA)Agenzia Spaziale ItalianaPiera Raspollini
Clinical trial data between privatization of knowledge and Open Science (CLIPKOS)MurValentina Colcelli
Combined nano-based hyperthermia with targeted chemotherapy: a novel challenge for gastrointestinal malignancies (CHANCE)MurFulvio Ratto
Detriti Spaziali e sostenibilità delle attività spaziali a lungo-termine (Detriti Spaziali III)Asi - Subco InafAlessandro Rossi
Development of inclusive quantitative photoacoustic imaging solutions enabled by ethical artificial intelligence (ImPACT-AI)MurLucia Cavigli
Discovering the SEcret woRld of pOlyseroTONin for green molecular ImprINting and its application in bioanalytics (SEROTONIN)MurSara Tombelli
Engineering Functional Metal Nanocluster-Protein Architectures for Bio(sensing and catalytic) applications (PRONANO4BIO)MurFrancesco Chiavaioli
Fiber Optics sensors as a platform for CAncer diagnosis and in vitro modeL testing (FOCAL)MurFrancesco Chiavaioli
Forward and Inverse Tool for FORUM (FIT-FORUM)Asi - Subco Unibo-difaSamuele Del Bianco
High-performance nanolayer-coated fiber-based biosensing platforms with antifouling brushes for detection of postacute COVID-19 syndrome biomarkers in blood plasma (NABABAS)Consiglio Nazionale Delle RicercheFrancesco Chiavaioli
Improved estimation of forest C sequestration from PRISMA retrieval of canopy N and photosynthetic potential (PRISMA-Forest-NC)Agenzia Spaziale Italiana (asi)Valentina Raimondi
Joining time domain diffUse optics and surface eNhanced raman scattering technique for advanced breast Cancer detecTION (JUNCTION)MurDaniele Farnesi
Limadou-2 fase B2/C/D/E1 (LIMADOU 2)Asi/infnSergio Bruno Ricciarini
MC-FORUM - Meteo and Climate Exploitation of FORUM (MC-FORUM)Agenzia Spaziale ItalianaUgo Cortesi
Measuring tropospheric water vapour through the Normalized Differential Spectral Attenuation technique (NDSA)MurUgo Cortesi
Missione LICIACube – Attività Scientifica (LICIACube)Agenzia Spaziale ItalianaAlessandro Rossi
Multifaceted Approach to the Study of Neuropathy-causing mutations of Actin (MAS-NEURACTIN)MurCristiano D' Andrea
Partecipazione italiana alla missione CALET di JAXA - Fase EAsi - Agenzia Spaziale Italiana/dsfta-unisiSergio Bruno Ricciarini
Point-Of-Care electroanalytical platform for the detection of bacteria and antibiotic resistance (POINTOFCARE)MurSara Tombelli
potenziAmeNTo dI COmposti antiVirali naturali nelle insalate (Progetti@CNR - ANTI-CoV - IFAC)Consiglio Nazionale Delle RicercheGiovanni Agati
Probing the Exotic properties of gas and ions filled ICES under extreme conditions: from planetary interiors modelling to hydrogen storage and green Energy applications (E-ICES)MurLeonardo Del Rosso
PUrple Parchment LEgacy. Art History and Heritage Science for the Study of Manuscript Painting from Late Antiquity to the Modern Age (5th-19th centuries) (PURPLE)MurMarcello Picollo
STRIVE (FOE 2022) - proximal and remote sensing, analytics and modeling for Precision Agriculture (AGRO-SENSING 2)FoeSimonetta Paloscia
STRIVE (FOE 2022) - Verso la Transizione EnergeticaFoeLeonardo Del Rosso
STRIVE (FOE2022) - INtegrated mOnitoring of STRategic Infrastructures (INOSTRI)FoeCosimo Trono
Transizione industriale e resilienza delle Società post-Covid19 (TIRS FOE 2020) - AGRO-SENSING: space, aerial, ground sensing and robotics for Precision Agriculture (AGRO SENSING)FoeSimonetta Paloscia
Transizione industriale e resilienza delle Società post-Covid19 (TIRS FOE 2020) - L’Arcipelago Energetico: un modello ecosostenibile di città galleggiante per il Mar Mediterraneo (RINNOVABILI)FoeLorenzo Ulivi
Trodusquemine as a novel drug against TDP-43-associated proteinopathies: structural, biological and computational investigation (RESISTANCE)MurMartina Banchelli
Urban Intelligence Science Hub for City Network (UISH)Agenzia Della CoesioneValentina Colcelli
Versatile hybrid in-fiBer Optical-electrocHemical systEMs for wIdely Applicable bioseNsing (BOHEMIAN)MurCosimo Trono