20 Marzo 2024 dalle 10:00 alle 12:00

Cnr-Ifac, nell’ambito delle attività del progetto PhotonHub Europe, organizza un nuovo seminario online dedicato alle tecnologie fotoniche dal titolo:

Optical biosensing for diagnostics and theranostics based on oligonucleotide switches.

DNA is a powerful molecule: with DNA fragments, researchers in the biosensing field not only give specificity to their analytical system, but they can build extraordinary tools with which life inside cells can be spied on and which can be used at the same time for sensing and for therapeutics. In this context, oligonucleotide optical switches, DNA molecules capable of modifying their light emission upon interaction with well-defined targets, are among the most promising optical nanosensors proposed in recent years.

Relatrici: Ambra Giannetti e Sara Tombelli.

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